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Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Back!

Sorry about the time lapse in posting on this site. I have just been really busy.

Right now I am looking for people who want to publish samples of their work on the Internet but do not want to publish an entire website. Publishing of suitable work will be on http://webspeakezine.com.

Http://webspeakezine.com also has a free want ad section for those who wish to post want ads on the Internet. Graphics are accepted.

Please keep all material submitted GP. No adult stuff only please.

Be sure and visit WebByte Store at this location:http://astore.amazon.com/webbytestore-20

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Xtranormal An experiment

Hey this is worth at least five woofs and maybe more from WebByte.

WebByte just got through visiting Xtranormal.com. This is a website that makes it possible for even the dullest wanta be animator capable of making animated.

Movies can be made on Xtranormal for free. However there is a limit as to how much time allowed. Everything is done on line. No need to draw or what ever. In addition, voices can be recorded too instead of using the canned voices and sounds. There are however canned* sounds and voices. There is even online storage for the videos made. A simple click reveals links and code to embed the video into a blog like this or a web site. Pay or free movies are easily made with Xtranormal.

For more time, paid version are available.

All in all, this is a most enjoyable experience for WebByte. Animation with this online application is fun!

Below is an example of one movie that WebByte made. Just click on the arrow to start like you do with any video.  Let me know what you think. It is made with all the available canned stuff included with the online software.

Sun Spots Colorz Movie
by: shood

PS. WebByte is thinking of adding barks to denote approval rating of what is found on the web. Five barks is the highest approval.
*canned prerecorded all ready to use.
For still shots take a look at the cameras below

Monday, June 11, 2012

RE: Something New Added to Entertainment Section

A new movie has been added to the Entertainment section of WebByte. Just click on the Entertainment button above or the link here to go to the movie. Be forewarned that it opens with a commercial.

This particular movie is about cloning. It is called The 6th Day. This is from Crackle.  Is this about the future of the Human Race? Feel free to discuss below in the comment section or in the comment section of Entertainment page.

Hope you enjoy the movie.

By the way, do you have your own animation or movie that you would have like to have posted here? Be sure and submit it to this site for publication here. Just make a request to the comment page for publication or to the comment section below on this page.

Link to find me on Google DoubleClick Ad PlannerNote people who what to advertise on this site. Just use the following link  To the right to find me. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

RE: Something New

There is always something new on the web. There are interesting ways to make money too.

Right now I am looking into web stores. A drop box web store is a nice idea. That way there is no worries about how to store merchandise etc.

Another way to make money is with Google AdSense. I already made some pocket change that way.

Here are some sample ads that come with Google AdSense:

Kindle Fire B0061VVO5S This is a simple link ad to Kindle Fire B006vv005S. This is not my preference because there is no information here.

Below are two examples of ads from AdSense that show a picture of the product. There first one is simply an image that is a link to the product.  The second one is a full ad. The full ad is my preference. As you will see there is more information including to which link on the web  the reader will be directed. Pretty cool, huh?

Another way to possibly make money off the web is to self publish books, music, art etc on the web. Come back to see examples of that.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

RE: Meditation Room Added.

There's a new addition to the WebBytes. It is called the Meditation Room. Hope you readers enjoy it. Let WebByte know what you think of the new Meditation Room section. Just put a comment in the comment section.

Also anyone that wants to put up a meditation presentation they have made or video please feel free to request to do so through the comment section and you will be emailed a form to submit what you would like to publish.

Publishing original work here is a good way to get some free advertisement for your work. Art, graphics, music, short videos, games, presentations like for the Meditation Room are all welcome.. Just request a form through the comment section.

The price of Kindle readers is coming down. Want to order one? Just click on the picture to the side and it will take you to Amazon's site from here.

I cannot believe the price on this MP3. It is free! If you download it please put in the comment section what you think about it. WebByte loves to hear from the readers. The name of the MP3 is "First Step".  Click on the illustration and get a more detailed discription of what it is. No loss for a freebie. Right?

Journey Into Meditation by Lisa guyman is $2.97 but it has more than one meditation. A click on the illustration to the right will take you to the site for a more detailed discription and where there's a place to order it.

Please let WebByte know what you think of it when you order it. The comment section below is a good place to let your thoughts about this product be recorded.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

RE: Increasing Your Intelligence

WebByte just found this video, The Pangaea Foundation Presents Intelligence Increase 2.0, on You Tube Listening to it is supposed to increase intelligence commonly known as IQ. It is recommended that it played at least once a day. Feel free to play this. Please let us know your opinion in the comment sectionafter you have used it for several days.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Critique of Music Specialist Speaks And More.....

 Topic 1
Music Specialist Speaks 
Music Specialist Speaks came up when I clicked on the next button on WebByte on of my blogs on Blogger There is not much information on this blog but if you click on the ping links you can get more about how to make money in the music industry. Music Specialist Speaks apparently is a lead on to the ping links. Follow the ping links and more information is forth coming.

The blog in itself is not bad for a beginning. It could use a little more organization and polishing. The title banner is attractive and eye catching. It just takes awhile to catch onto the organization of the site.  Could this lose potential customers? Not everyone is completely literate in computer and Internet use. This is something important to thank about.

In conclusion, I know nothing about the music industry or this man Allan Johnston. A musician or singer may know him by reputation. In any case, he is interesting and the blog may be worth exploring for those in the music industry.

Topic 2
Research on Successful Blogging 

 Mrs. Belmont's Blog gives practical information in an almost conversational style. It also gives tidbits you do not ordinarily find. Just some common sense suggestions here. Very good reading that is worthwhile way to spend your time.

http://robcubbon.com/how-to-write-for-the-web really gives good advice and goes into detail. You can get a free e-book here on how to market yourself on the web too. This blog is simple and yet tastefully done. An enjoyable and informative read all-in-all. Try it out if you are writing for the web.

How to Write  the Best Blog by Mr. Botto gives just a few simple words of advice. They may prove helpful.

This particular entry appears in E-How which is actually a website contain many entries about different topics. Anyone can register to submit articles about different topics.

Http://www.netprofitmagic.com/blog/how-to-write-winning-blog-post-titles/  links to an interesting blog entry.  It contains more information than just how to write winning blog post titles. Although post titles really are important.

Topic 3 In Conclusion Just a Few Words

From time to time this blog contains  useful information of what can be found and what is going on around the Internet and web.   

This blog is open for suggestions of topics that the public would like to see discussed. Please submit topics in the comment section. Let WebByte know what your interests are. Please also feel free to submit comments to this blog.

Another service WebByte would like to do for the public is give some free publicity for the worthy.

Who's worthy? Just about anybody who submits material that WebByte approves of (Must be GP acceptable for all age groups to view, nothing R rated, please) 

Submissions may be pictures, music, stories, articles, etc.  requests for entries in this site on a particular subject. Just request in the comment section that we contact you for form to submit your particular object or article.

Some new pages have been added to this blog. Look up at the menu along the top of this blog and you find the Home link, Meditation Room Link etc. Come back as there will be more additions. Let us know what you think of these additions.


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