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Saturday, June 11, 2011

RE: Meditation Room Added.

There's a new addition to the WebBytes. It is called the Meditation Room. Hope you readers enjoy it. Let WebByte know what you think of the new Meditation Room section. Just put a comment in the comment section.

Also anyone that wants to put up a meditation presentation they have made or video please feel free to request to do so through the comment section and you will be emailed a form to submit what you would like to publish.

Publishing original work here is a good way to get some free advertisement for your work. Art, graphics, music, short videos, games, presentations like for the Meditation Room are all welcome.. Just request a form through the comment section.

The price of Kindle readers is coming down. Want to order one? Just click on the picture to the side and it will take you to Amazon's site from here.

I cannot believe the price on this MP3. It is free! If you download it please put in the comment section what you think about it. WebByte loves to hear from the readers. The name of the MP3 is "First Step".  Click on the illustration and get a more detailed discription of what it is. No loss for a freebie. Right?

Journey Into Meditation by Lisa guyman is $2.97 but it has more than one meditation. A click on the illustration to the right will take you to the site for a more detailed discription and where there's a place to order it.

Please let WebByte know what you think of it when you order it. The comment section below is a good place to let your thoughts about this product be recorded.


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