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Monday, May 28, 2012

RE: Something New

There is always something new on the web. There are interesting ways to make money too.

Right now I am looking into web stores. A drop box web store is a nice idea. That way there is no worries about how to store merchandise etc.

Another way to make money is with Google AdSense. I already made some pocket change that way.

Here are some sample ads that come with Google AdSense:

Kindle Fire B0061VVO5S This is a simple link ad to Kindle Fire B006vv005S. This is not my preference because there is no information here.

Below are two examples of ads from AdSense that show a picture of the product. There first one is simply an image that is a link to the product.  The second one is a full ad. The full ad is my preference. As you will see there is more information including to which link on the web  the reader will be directed. Pretty cool, huh?

Another way to possibly make money off the web is to self publish books, music, art etc on the web. Come back to see examples of that.


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