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Monday, February 22, 2010

RE: What Is New!

I just finished working on a web site,Cubley Inc., for the son of a friend of mine. It is nothing elaborate. Just a simple website to start. I am still not too happy with the color combination but it is better than nothing. There is a Contact Us page,home page, site map page(I really like this one. It encourages higher ranking on the internet browsers. Why I do not know. The purpose of this web site is to introduce the business and to give people a place where they can get contact information or can communicate with Cubley Inc.

The idea is to keep robots from sending trash mail. They comb sites for yourname@provider.com's. So the best thing is to list the email as your name at provider or yourname at yahoo.com something like that. This slows down spam and trash mail. The contact page also has form mail. This makes it easier to contact a business. There is no need to go to a mail box. Just email directly from the site. Phone numbers are included. Address can be included but people can also email for that information. Now-in-days, I wonder if it is a better idea to let the public email or phone for addresses? I decided to give the business address on this particular site.

I chose Microsoft Office Web Sites for this particular site. One reason for this particular provider is that it has a lot of storage and ability to edit other material that is connected with the business. This is handy because I made fliers and business cards to go with the site. Eventually I will post examples of these on my own site.

I could have included animation. Animation takes a long time to download though. A business site should download rapidly. There will eventually be a slide show or pictures posted on a separate page in the site.

There is also a section that posts the comments made by previous customers. There is already one comment made and there are more to come.

Drop by and see Cubley Inc. Let me know what you think of it.

I also got a site for myself with Microsoft Office Live.SHood Services at  http://shood.services.officelive.com. This is a desktop publishing gateway business. My skills include all types of desktop publishing. Pay this site a visit. There will be up dates of my new projects and also maybe some freebies.


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