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Saturday, November 28, 2009

RE: Danger for Albinos in Africa

Due to ignorance the Albinos of certain regions of Africa live in fear of being mutilated or of losing their lives.

The following are some thoughts that WebByte has on this subject.

If you believe in a God, regardless of your professed religion please help these people. Say a prayer for these people. They need all the help they can get. Remember that this could just as easily be you or yours.

The Albino Situation in Africa

The Albino's of Africa have a terrible time staying alive and intact. The reason why is because the witch doctors of Tanzania tell people that human albino parts bring good fortune.

Well here is a thought. Unkindness to any people or life form brings a curse to all involved in causing hurt and pain to a person who is different in any way. That means albino or other wise.

Albinism has nothing to do with luck. It is the genetic makeup of an individual. The genes are supposedly inherited from both parents. This does not mean a person is inferior, lucky or unlucky.

However, causing pain to an individual may bring disaster to those who are the cause of the pain. History proves all too often that is true. Just look at history records for Ancient Rome and Nazi Germany. The Tanzanian witch doctors and others involved should learn from this before it is too late for them.

If the witch doctors and others involved want to be prosperous and lucky, then they need to be kind to their fellow creatures. This includes all albinos. This is especially true for those albinos that are humans.

As a end note, Tanzanians and all people remember that to be truly safe, free, prosperous with a bright future, then it is well to wish all well and be kind to all. What is truly beneficial to one is beneficial to all. So witch doctors and others the world around, now is a good time to be kind to your neighbor. Tomorrow may be too late! Be warned!

The following is a link to a story about what is going on in Africa that concerns or is about the albino situation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RE: A Tragedy!

A great tragedy transpires. A young doctor is dead. I am not taking sides. Can we really spare the intelligent now? Who knows what the truth is? I for one do not I am not there. I just know that supposedly the average IQ for doctors is 140 or better. We need more intelligent people in this world. Especially in medicine. It is a tragedy to lose this young man, for whatever reason.

The title of the article is: Death of an Iran Prison Doctor Raises Suspecion .

Sunday, November 01, 2009

RE: Danger Ahead on The Internet.

Countries and businesses are trying to take over the Internet.

Is this a conspiracy?

Here are some of the pretexes they use for over taking the Internet.

  1. Too much criminal activity on the net.
  2. Too much uncontrolled activity.
  3. There should be taxes for goods bought over the net.
  4. People cannot supervise themselves.
Here is more information about net neutrality.
Scientific American

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