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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

February 14 Happy Valentine's Day!

Feeling kind of low because we just had a big snow storm. Everything is white. In any case, the bright side about this snow storm is everything looks really clean now.
In any case, have a Happy Valentine's Day. May you be surrounded by love. I hope you all out there in computer land have as good a relationship with a significant other as I did. Although my spouse died I do appreciate the time we had together. We had fun. We did not go to bed angry at each other. We were partners. It wasn't perfect all the time by no means. But we lived with each others faults, were never violent or cruel, discussed our problems with each other. Sometimes our discussions got rather heated. We always made up and sometimes just agreed to disagree. My spouse was not the most perfect but he was the best. So this is my Valentine's wish to you. Be happy and be loving. Love will find you if you are! That is if it has not already found you. So once again Happy Valentine's Day!
I am going to try the new "Widget" thing that Blogger has now. We will see how that works.


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