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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snooze You Lose

The .gif on the right is just about how I feel. I am going to have to start getting a lot more sleep. I think I am now getting addicted to the computer.

By the way, this gif is by: Artist: Elayne Sheppard 
http://www.BowerBird.homestead.com. Pretty nice, isn't it. You can find a lot of these gifs for free on the net. I even found a way to make my own gifs. I might be tempted to teach an interested audience.

Is there such a thing as computer addiction? Well let's do some research on it and find out. Look for future post on the subject of computer addiction.
So far, I have not researched yet on the matter of computer addiction. I am too addicted to writing this journal. Oh well. I will keep on trying.

The postings for computer addiction will appear right here. I will also put up the links that I find about computer addition here. There should be a lot of information about this.    

I just read what is to me one of the scariest stories ever. This one insurance company is targeting AIDS patients. Apparently their care is too expensive. This is the link to what I read:   http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100317/us_nm/us_insurers. It is the story of one young man that lost his insurance policy because he developed AIDS.

I understand the insurance companies viewpoint. They want to lower the costs of their services. If they have to pay out a lot for services rendered then there goes the profits. Here is an idea. Why not start investing in cures or methods of arresting these major costly medical problems? Get rid of the problem that way. Plus the company can invest in the cures, methods, etc. and make a tidy profit for share holders. How does that sound?

Medical Cures For The Chromatic Commands Of The Inner City
The Arthritis Cure, Revised and Updated: The Medical Miracle That Can Halt, Reverse, And May Even Cure Osteoarthritis
"The Secrets of Stopping Diabetes"


Monday, March 15, 2010

Something Great!

Normally the term used on this site is cool. IToons however qualifies as great. It has a free download section that is worth visiting. There sometimes so much stuff that this author lacks the time to download it.

Admittedly sometimes IToons lacks a lot of freebies. Other times, though, it is overloaded. Today is just one of those days.

Why not try it out just for the fun of it? There are a lot of free videos, music etc.

My goal is to think of ways to make my sites more interesting. WebSpeak Ezine will publish any GP web content for singers, bands, computer game creators, movie makers to publish their work. There is form mail on the Contact Page. HTML is accepted. Plus a request for a form to submit attachments is available through this form mail.

Eventually my goal is to start web broadcasting. It would be live TV, movies, etc. It looks like everything will eventually migrate to the web.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do. However there is some success on my part in making money on the internet.

There are also ways to make money at home. Research on this subject area will be reported soon in WebSpeak Ezine.

There are some free e-cards in the e-card section of WebSpeak Ezine. Be sure and drop by there to take a look. Sound may be added to these e-cards.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

RE: Another Sunday And Day Light Savings Time.

Did everyone in USA remember to reset their clock. I didn't. That made me an hour late for everything. Oh well. I never did see the reasoning behind this. It is such a bother. Why not just start the day sooner and then later. This resetting of the clock for daylight savings time makes no sense to me.

My leg is slowly healing. My appreciation for any positive prayers.

I have been wondering if there is a limit to how many free blogs we can put on blogger. Does anyone out there know? I guess I should look it up.

My experiment with Google Adsense is working out pretty good. Take a look at the ads. I am thinking of adding a meditation link to one of my sites. It will come with words, music etc.

Hey if you would like to publish music and other appropriate web site material go to http://webspeak.bravehost.com. Make it for GP audience please as this is a family site. WebSpeak Ezine is a good place to try out your product and also to have a leader into your own site.
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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

RE: What I Am Doing Now on March 02, 2010

Most of my day is just one big goof off time. My primary occupation today is getting trash ready for pick up tomorrow and reading the news in Yahoo.com.

In the article titled:Haiti judge not ready to release 2 US missionaries, the information is that there are two American citizens who say they are missionaries. They are in Haiti because they made an unauthorized attempt to take some children out of the country after its recent earthquake. Taking children like this sounds kind. but it is really very foolish because this is something that could give pedophiles ideas.

Then my reading continues with  AP IMPACT: Drug gangs taking over US public landsApparently the drug cartels of Mexico and South America think they have a right to take any land or whatever they want.  This is going to get very nasty before it gets any better.

Please drop by this website and tell me what you think:Cubley Inc.. I designed it for a friend of mine. i can design all kinds of web sites. Yes, I know how to do CSS and Flash. I will have to design one to show what I can do. I also know Java, Java Script and Visual Basic.


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