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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RE: Twilight Zone

One of my favs of TV shows is the Outer Limits. I thought that it was unavailable but look I found a whole bunch of new TV Listings for free on the Internet. Cool, huh? I think so.

Television is coming to the Net. I want to start a Net Television station on the Net. This television station is GP in my mind. Anyone out there in cyber space want to work with me on it?

Here is the URL in case the video does not work on this site:


There are other available episodes at the above URL too.

The ability to get TV programs on the net is so good that some may not want cable.

Friday, November 12, 2010

RE: Writing for Nanowrimo

I have just about cought up with my writing for http://nanowrimo.com/. This is the contest of which I wrote some time ago. I am going to put up a word counter from there to see what it looks like.

Here is it is. I am going to try to make it a part of this site so you can keep track of how far I have to go.There's real tiny writing at the top of the graphic that tells where I am on my writing. Remember I have to get to 50,000 words by the end of November.

Wish me luck, please.

The contest ends on November 31 or 30, 2010. I hope to finish early. So keep track and see if I make it.

By the way have any of you checked out Nanowrimo yet? If you like to write you might like this little get together that is held each year. They are also going to have a contest in play writing right after this novel writing contest.

Here's more information on writing contests:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RE: Recent Developments

I am writing a novel. Yup little ol' me. It is about a mouse. That is about all I am going to say now. It is for http://nanowrimo.com./. Pay the site a visit. If you are interested in participating there may still be time for you this year. If it is too late for this year then there is always next year. Sign up anyway.

Also in the future. Nanowrimo has a play writing contest coming up. Give it a try too.

Who knows you may be the next award winning writer.

The only thing required to win in these contests is to be able to write the number of words by dead line. Yes you may cheat by repeating the same word over and over but that will disqualify you. So write something real that will pass for a novel.  Maybe not necessarily good but something that can be called a novel. Who knows where it will lead?

Like this article? Then tweet it on Twitter:

Here's some literature from Amazon that may help you to write that best seller. Just click on the images and they will take to where you can read more about the product and order:

I have no idea how good this book is. Irma Ruth Walker, author of Air Force Wives gives it a good review.

So does Donna Levin, author of Extraordinary Means. She calls the book superb.

To check out the other reviews just go to http://www.amazon.com/Write-Damn-Novel-Step-Step/dp/0312010443. Scroll to the bottom to read the rest of the reviews.

Got a kindle? This just might be the thing. The Kindle price is very reasonable.

This is a direct quote from the comment section about this particular Kindle book.

   "Saint Marie has a reassuring and gentle voice, and 'WRITE NOW!' is a     must-have for anyone with writer's block, self-doubts, or even just a healthy intellectual curiosity." --Editor, BD Books

The price of the Kindle appliance is not included. That must be bought separately. 

Here's a very reasonably priced Kindle for your reading needs. Just click on the image to the right and it will take you to the page were you can read more about it.

If you have not yet read this classic now is the time to do it. It is a public domain book for the Kindle reader. That means you pay nothing for the actual book. In today's economy it makes a good Christmas gift. Pride and Prejudice is considered an all time classic. It is still required reading for some literature courses in English.

Monday, September 20, 2010

RE: Critique of Cherokee Origins

Cherokee Origins by Robert Vann is a site that this writer enjoyed very much. This is a great site for numerous reasons. All links work except there seems to be a problem with the RSS comments link on the right hand side. (Maybe I just operated it wrong.) It has some great stories that are of Cherokee origin. Maybe they are Eastern Cherokee?
This site downloads fast with Road Runner. Some of the tests indicates that it downloads fast with other ISP's too. That sort of puzzles me because there is a large portrait jpg (type of graphic for web pages, etc.) of himself on the front page of the site. (I assume it is the author.) Usually large jpgs are very slow in downloading to a site. That is not the case here.

Cherokee Origins also lists Mr. Vann's books in the menu . They might be interesting to look into. This is a great idea for a site to advertise what the owner wants to sell. Many sites do this. Mr. Vann's site does it very well. 

There is just one problem WebByte has with this Cherokee Origins. As far as can be seen, it is necessary to have a WordPress Account. Even then it is difficult for this blogger to see how to leave a comment. That seems to be the only problem for the viewer. So in spite of not being able leave any comments at the present, the site is well worth the visit. This is especially true for fans of American history, American Indians, the Wild West or just someone out for a good time and a quick read.

This site is a clever piece of advertisement mixed with entertainment and information. 

Here's a thought, maybe the author will let teachers use this site to teach reading, local color in literature, culture of one American Indian Nation. Mr. Vann, the author of this site, has a contact page where permission may be asked. A link to the contact page is included in the menu at the top of the page.

This site is a very clever advertisement vehicle. 

So-o-o, dear reader, what do you think? Are you going to visit?  When you do visit please put in the comment section here what you think of the site, how you enjoyed the programs.

Oh as a last word, Cherokee Origins has a link to Mr. Vann's speaking and entertainment engagements. Just click on the Events link for this information. Remember there is a Contact section if more information is desired or maybe someone would like to enquire about obtaining Mr. Vann's services.

PS. Uh Oh! Just noticed that the link to We Cherokees does not work. It goes to a page called Dawn's Web Designs. Still is a site worth visiting though.

WebByte can do critiques of any web site. Just put in a request in the comment section. Be sure and include URL, please and your email address. Your email address will not be published.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RE: An Inconvenient Truth

Why Innocent People Confess to Crimes is a site I just found. It is about innocent people confessing to crimes they did not commit. This is a growing phenomena. There are all kind of reasons for people confessing crimes. It is a developing problem.

http://sharerp.com/21 This URL takes the surfer to a site that tells a woeful story. Here's a man serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit because the law will not permit a lawyer to tell what he knows. It has to do with client priviledge. Well I wonder if someone forgot the spirit of the law? Is law to persecuit the innocent in favor of client priviledge? Yes client priviledge is important.

I wonder if Muslim nations have considered this. People will confess to crimes they did not commit. How does Sharia fit into this? What happens when the hand or both are removed from an innocent man? What happens if an innocent is stoned to death for adultery? How often does this happen? Remember this is a discussion of Muslim nations only in this section. Not others. If the readers would like to discuss others then they can mention that they would like it discussed in another section.

If you know of an innocent person who confessed to a crime that was later cleared please mention it below.

I am still willing do critiques of web sites. Just put in a request through the comment section. Would appreciate a variety. I am able to do over any subject or any type.


 Man wrongfully convicted dies at age 55 Family loses Donald Marshall again.(footprints): An article from: Windspeaker


Thursday, September 09, 2010

An Interesting Blog or Two or More!

Just found this blog:http://kinesisproject.blogspot.com/. If you try to find it under its title A Choreographer's Blog it might be challenging. Let's see if I can do it. Well I entered it by title and found it. However you can just click on the links in this entry and get there.

This blog entry is about "confabulation." In other words fabricating stories and accepting them as reality.

The following are some links I found. The particular entry I am looking at is: Confabulation - Brain Dances. This is about the word  "confabulation" and what it means. Personally I think we are all a little guilty of "confabulation"  Some confabulation can be healthy, I guess. I also believe that confabulation can be very harmful. Why not read the article and tell me what you think? 

Hey for those of you keeping up on Koran burning here's an interesting site. I do not guarantee the truth or accuracy of these stories on this site. Any moslem or not is free to comment. However keep it kind, to the point, without anger, clean, no name calling, etc. You will not be posted if you cannot practice good manners. In addition this site will report you to the providers.

Following the Koran Burning story on the News? Well here is something that I ran into On this blog. The USA army burned some Bibles. How about that? Oh well. Now why is that?

The thing I do not understand is why anyone thinks that God, Allah or whatever you choose to name the Creator needs defense. Indeed I wonder if the Creator really appreciates all this rioting, bru ha ha, book burning, violence, etc. in his name.

And don't you just love it when someone says, "well so and so did it." Right that makes it all right to repeat the wrong that someone else does. In addition, point a finger at someone else really detracts from one's own faults doesn't it?

I find it a shame dear reader that not everyone can be as perfect as me and thee. Of thee, I am not too sure. You do get my point, right??????lol, lol , lol,

Somehow I wonder if maybe the Lord Above in the end will say to all of humanity, "Sorry kiddoes! You all got it wrong. You twisted my word to suit your own taste. You hurt your neighbor, that I created, because they did not believe as you did. It would be better if you had set an example as to how to live rather than try to coerce your neighbor into how they should live. By the way, just so you know, you all are wrong. You made your religion your god and forgot ME! You say I am merciful in your different religions but you use Me as an excuse to harm innocent people. You say, read in the scriptures, and head me say, " Vengeance is mine! Then you propose to play chief executioner and judge of your fellow man! That is what made the messes from the beginning of time. You thought you could do a better job than Me!"

I found the books below. They give more information on confabulation.


                                          An Interesting Blog

                                          Just found this blog:http://kinesisproject.blogspot.com/. If you try to find it under its title A Choreographer's Blog it might be challenging. Let's see if I can do it. Well I entered it by title and found it. However you can just click on the links in this entry and get there.

                                          The particular entry I am looking at is: Confabulation - Brain Dances. This is about the word  "confabulation" and what it means. Personally I think we are all a little guilty of "confabulation"  Some confabulation can be healthy, I guess. I also believe that confabulation can be very harmful. Why not read the article and tell me what you think? 

                                          Just for the fun of it I looked up confabulation on Amazon. This is what I found.

                                          Sunday, September 05, 2010

                                          What A Waste

                                          The following video is about an American heiress who is now 104 years old. She is out of contact with her whole family. Her name is Huguette Clarke. This unfortunate woman is at the mercy of her lawyer and accountant who for some reason have isolated her from family and from the rest of the world. Ms. Clarke is now a recluse living in a hospital.

                                          Some of her stuff, paintings a violin, etc. have been sold. But has it been with her approval? This matter is now being looked into upon the urging of some distant relatives who tried to see her.

                                          The sad part of the whole story is that this heiress's money is wasted. This is money that could help a lot of people. It could even in a modest way help the economy. Yet here it sets. Well not entirely, the word is that her lawyer and her accountant are helping themselves to some of it. On second thought, that is a waste.

                                          This story proves that Bill Gates is right. Do good with your money now. Children should not inherit vast amounts of wealth. It can attract trouble and in the end does little good for few people.

                                          The following video gives all the information available now. It is from: msnbc.com

                                          The following are some books and literature. They are on how to become a millionaire. Just thought they were interesting. 

                                          I think the one on How to Become A Millionaire in 365 Days by Jansen absolutely hilarious. Yeah right. I have not read this one either. I might though just to see what it says. That ought to be a best seller. Then there is How to Become A Millionaire by Mark Lee Alch. Well at least it is only fifty-seven cents. 

                                          Then there is a CD: Sprudio Subliminal Cd Success & Prosperity - Financial Abundance - Millionaire Mind Program Become Rich with the Power of Your Mind. That ought to work. Don't you think. With all of these great things out there to help one become a prosperous kind of makes one wonder why there are more millionaires. 

                                          A comment from anyone using successfully these following materials is appreciated. Anyone who tries the suggestions in these materials out and they do not work, hey comment. Okay?


                                          Thursday, September 02, 2010

                                          RE: Intelligence? Brains? A Discussion

                                          What is intelligence? How is it measured? Is it increaseable? These are questions that preoccupy me. tht is besides the unimportant questions like where the next meal, will I continue to have a roof over my head etc. (lol, lol, lol, so forth.)

                                          Below is a video by Dr. Gardener. It is on bigthink.com The Harvard professor explains what his idea of intelligence is.

                                          Mensa is an organization for the top ten percent of the human race. You have to pass an IQ test. I forget as to whether the individual must rate at a score of 135 or 140 percentile.

                                          Below are some resources on how to increase your intelligence. I have no idea how successful or useful these resources are. However this blog is open to comments from the public. In addition, feel free to comment about any additional methods to raise IQ in the different areas of intelligence.

                                          How to Increase Your Intelligence      

                                          Tuesday, August 31, 2010

                                          Friday, August 27, 2010

                                          RE: Some Blogs by Blue Dalek

                                          Blue Dalek asked me to critique his work. There is more than one blog under this name. I will try to comment as much as possible about several of his blogs.

                                          Meanwhile why don't you go to his profile? You can give an opinion yourself in the comment section here.

                                          There are four blogs listed in his profile. They are:

                                          Doctor Whoniverse
                                          UNIT ONLINE
                                          Ye Old Curiousity Shop
                                          Doctor Whoniverse

                                          These sites download fast. This is great! Too long a time to download and you lose visitors.

                                           They are also imaginatively designed. People like pretty sites so long as they do not take a long time to download.

                                          There is one glaring problem. The URLs do not match the titles as a general rule. Take for instance Doctor Whoniverse. The URL is:http://bluedalekcrack.blogspot.com/. An example of a URL that can be used for this website could be Doctor Whoinverse.blogspot.com or Dr. Whoinverse.blogspot.com  Then there UNIT ONLINE is with the URl: http://fightingaliens.blogspot.com/. How about the URL: http://unitonline.blogspot.com? Get the idea?This makes it easier for the surfer to find the site if URL and title of site match somewhat.. Also makes it easier to remember this particular location. This method of URL and blog naming links both together and makes an impression on the surfers. This way there is a better chance of them coming back again and again.

                                          It is a simple matter to change the URls of these sites. No need to delete and change the whole site. Just change the URL.

                                          Doctor Whoniverse is unfinished. Nice start but unfinished is libel to scare off visitors. So unfinished is a big no, no. Put something up if just an introduction. This is much better than just unfinished.

                                          Also ask for comments in the comment section. Encourage some interaction from the public. This will bring them back.

                                          http://www.wikihow.com/Improve-Search-Engine-Ranking. The afore mentioned link may help you with Search Engine-Ranking. Never pay for this. You can do it yourself.

                                          You might search on the Internet on how to encourage public interaction with your websites. Here is what I found:
                                          Put in a rating system (can be found in the gadgets section for blogger)
                                          Add some videos
                                          Add puzzle's and games.
                                          Encourage people to make comments in the comment section. 
                                          The above are just suggestions on how to enrich your site.

                                          Blue Dalek is off to a good start with his blogs. The blogs just need a little fine tuning and some polishing.

                                          All websites and blogs should add new material from time to time, too. This keeps people coming back and adds interest. 

                                          Remember you can also monetize your site if you so wish. Google Adsense and Amazon are available through blogger. Guess what they really work! (Just a suggestion)

                                          Anyone else that would like me to give a critique please feel free to comment here. It can be any type of website or blog so long as it is not Adult only content or X rated. Also if feel free to make comments about any of the web sites that are mentioned in this blog. Just keep it GP please.

                                          RE: New Video

                                          I was looking for funny videos. I found this advertisement for Temptations. It is supposed to be a cat asking for treats by a specific name.
                                          Evidentially Temptations is a company brand name for cat treats

                                          I really do not know how funny it is.  However I did  find it clever. What do you think? Comments are welcome. Feel free to include your idea of funny cat videos in your comments if possible.

                                          I do not know if the cat is trained to do this or if the filming is just opportunistic. Some people claim that a cat can be trained.

                                          Here are some links  about training house cats:

                                          How to Keep Cats Off of Tabletops -- powered by eHow.com

                                           There is even some things for sell through Amazon that claim that you can teach a cat tricks.

                                           I do not know abut this Cat Training in Ten Minutes. Sounds too good to be true. Yet maybe not. Who knows. If you try it out please let me know through the comment section. I am very interested to know what people think about this.

                                          Hey you cannot beat the price on this. I wonder if it really does work. Teaching Your cat Simple tricks seems very reasonable in price.

                                          Once again you are invited to tell us what you think of this product.

                                          Got any suggestions or comments about this subject? Let us know. Also feel free to submit videos and pictures.

                                          Look forward to hearing from you all.

                                          Wednesday, August 25, 2010

                                          RE: Time Lords, Jelly Babies and Scarves


                                          The above is a link to a blogspot that the creator asked me to critique. This particualar entry is dedicated to that critique.

                                          At first, the site Time Lords, Jelly Babies and Scarves seems slow to download.However, once started it really downloads relatively fast. Comment about download time is welcome here in the comment section.

                                          The site is quite colorful. The background is black and the lettering is in Technicolor. There are also numerous graphics. For the number of graphics the site downloads quite fast. The graphics are on topic and give color and interest to the site. It would be nice if there was a link to where to order this material. Perhaps there is and I just missed it.

                                          There is quite a bit of new information about Dr. Who products. The graphics illustrate the products. The site also gives in depth description about each new product also. It would be nice to have a link to where these products are sold. Perhaps they are sold on Amazon.

                                          The new theme music for Dr. Who can be played or not. Just click on the graphic or embedded player included on the site. This is a good idea to give people a choice on whether or not to play the music. Some people get quite annoyed at the incessant playing of music on a site.

                                          Included are several videos. I found one to be particularly entertaining, "Dr. Who Ringers." However this particular video can be a bit randy in some spots. May not be appropriate for the very young.Nothing too raunchy though.

                                          Try out this site and let us know what you think of it. Comments about Time Lords, Jelly Babies and Scarves would be appreciated in the comment section of this blog entry. The creator of the site: Time Lords, Jelly Babies and Scarves wants input as to how to improve the site. So please go to the site then come back here and put your comments in the comment section of this entry.

                                          Here are some site on the Net that help to understand how to critique web sites:

                                          Important to remember:
                                          Download time.
                                          Is the site up to date?
                                          Is the site dynamic? That means is there a chance for the public to interact with the site?
                                          Is the site visually pleasing?
                                          Is there a reason for the reader to come back?

                                          Below are some things from Amazon that the reader may enjoy. If the reader orders any of these products please make a comment about the products that are ordered.

                                           This publication through Amazon covers information on how to do a critique. It covers art. Yet The Critique Handbook: The Student's Sourcebook and Survival Guide (2nd Edition) may have useful information on how to do critiques in general.
                                          Click on graphic to the left side and go to site to order or see more information about this particular product.

                                          The graphic to the left is a digital reader by Sony. This is included because it is a different reader from Kindle. This is a pocket edition However this is a higher price reader than the Kindle that can be ordered through this site.

                                          Here's the Kindle. This particular one is wireless. Plus it it only $99.00. One of the most economical readers yet. If you order this particular reader through this site, please put in the Comments section of this site what you think of it.

                                          Comments can be made in the comment section of any entry of this blog. Please list what the product is, when ordered and what the reader did or did not like about the specific product.

                                          Also will critique any web site on this blog. Just put in the request here on the comment section. Critiques are made in order as soon as possible.

                                          Tuesday, August 24, 2010

                                          RE: A Question of Faith

                                          I wonder if a lot of the so called followers of God are out of touch. The reason I say this is because the three great monotheistic religions are being questioned by an ever growing number of their people. There are accusations of hypocrisy, cruelty, etc.

                                          Sometimes people may wonder if the religious leaders especially those that are prominent in their religion really believe in their faith or even practice their faith.  http://news.yahoo.com/video/tech-15749651/vampire-author-quits-the-church-21362209

                                          Saturday, August 14, 2010

                                          RE: About Videos.

                                          Not all blog space providers are alike. I am having some difficulty posting videos on my Blog space with Yahoo. The videos do not show up right. In addition, I am also having some difficulty adjusting the font.

                                          Let see how the video for the new sci-fi series Haven works here. I took it from Hulu.com. I really enjoy this particular show.

                                          By the way, I have been asked to review the web site or blog.

                                          Friday, August 06, 2010

                                          RE: Critique of Life, The Universe and Combom

                                          Well I asked if anyone out there would like for me to critique their web site. Guess what someone took a bite out of WebByte. Someone asked me to do a critique of their blog. The name of the blog is Life, The Universe and Combom.  

                                          First let me explain who or what is the subject of the web site critiqued here.  I am not going to spend a lot of time explaining who or what Dr. Who is. Suffice to say, Dr. Who is a series of Sci-Fi programs about a creature named or who calls himself Dr. Who. I say creature because Dr. Who is not human but humanoid. This explanation is just to let the public know what the subject of the critiqued site is. 

                                          Want a more in depth description of the program Dr. Who? Then go to the Wikipedia page That describes the program.

                                          The site downloads very fast. This is good because there is a good chance of maintaining interest of the public.
                                          Studies indicate that if a web site takes more than five seconds to load down then the public is likely to surf to another site.

                                          The photos, graphics, and video are especially crisp. That's really nice since this writer has an eye sight problem.

                                          The site has a white background that is tastefully done with a few appropriate graphics.

                                          There is a lot of information on  Life, The Universe and Combom. In addition, it is in blog format. So a revisit may be in order or maybe revisits in the plural sense. Guess what! there is actually a jigsaw puzzle on this site. It has some of the cast members of one rendition of Dr. Who. This adds to the entertainment factor. There is also included some interesting information about Dr. Who that may not be found anywhere else on the net. So in conclusion, this site is a must stop for all Dr. Who fans. People interested in classical TV sci-fi might drop by too. Then if the surfer just wants to be entertained definitely visit.


                                          PS I noticed that the jigsaw puzzle changes every day on this blog. Great way to encourage revisits. 
                                          * If anyone else would like me to critique their site please feel free to send a request through the comment section.  Please leave comments here as to what you think of the site that's mentioned in this critique.

                                          Here is the Fourth Series of Dr. Who. Just for fun I included a keychain for the die hard Dr. Who fan. This keychain talks.  I also included a Doctor Who Lost In Time collection of Rare Epsodes.These are the only two videos that I included here.. the others are pretty expensive.  Just click on the graphic and orders can be completed. 




                                          Thursday, August 05, 2010

                                          RE: Great Site for Dr. Who Fans and more.

                                          Attention all Doctor Who Fans! Here is a great site on blogger. Tardis News Room http://tardisnewsroom.blogspot.com/?expref=next-blog. Beautifully done. Very artistic and quite entertaining.

                                          By the way, if you like this site will critic your site. Just put a mention here in the comment section. Give WebByte your URL and we will drop by for a look.

                                          All comments are made without bias. No X rated sites or hate sites submits please.

                                          Remember all a comments screened first then added if deemed appropriate.

                                          By the way here are some electronic readers from Amazon. Notice how the prices are coming down. Would like to hear from people who already have electronic readers. What are the readers like? How are they on the eyes? Are they really better than paper books? If so why? Any other relevant comment.

                                          Sunday, July 18, 2010

                                          RE: Early TV in The USA

                                          Here is an example of an early TV show in the USA. It is a classic. This particular show comes from the Sit Com: The Goldbergs.

                                          I am familiar with I Love Lucy. However I never heard of The Goldbergs until tonight.

                                          To me it is not laugh out loud funny. But it is relatively entertaining.

                                          The plot line is about a lady who thinks she can interpret the dreams of others because her daughter is studying to be a psychologist.

                                          Gertrude Berg is the creator and acts as the main character, Molly Goldberg in this sit com.

                                          Remember this is a sample of the humor of the 1950's in the United States.

                                          So take a look and enjoy.

                                          Amazon has a DVD of The Goldbergs. I do not know how good it is through or if it contains all the series episodes.    

                                          Wednesday, July 14, 2010

                                          RE: Cougars? What S'Up?

                                          Used to be that cougar was a four legged cat found in the Americas. Now it has a whole different meaning. Older women prowling and being involved with younger, sometimes a lot younger men. Well as long as the men are of age and the women are cognizant what of it? There does seem to be more popular acceptance of this type of relationship.

                                          Now there is even get togethers involved in this type of relationship. Watch the video below about a special meeting held for cougars and younger men in search of soul mates


                                          Sunday, June 20, 2010

                                          Below is a video that I ran into on MSN Today. Van Der Sloot the young man who allegedly killed a young woman in Peru wants to make a deal. That is understandable. His father is no longer here so now Van Der Sloot must use other means to help himself. Look at the video and see for yourself what is up with Van der  Sloot. (Article continues after video)

                                          Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy.
                                          Article continues after this ad from our sponsors.
                                          Interesting enough, Van der Sloots mother now claims that he is mentally ill. What does she mean by mentally ill? Is he paranoid schizophrenic, bipolar or what. I am no psychiatrist or expert in the field of psychology but could it be that This young man is just a plain old fashion social-path or psychopath?  In any case, mother says he needs psychiatric help. Well if he is a social-path, forget the psychiatric help. It will not help according to psychiatrists. In any case, is it becoming apparent that Van der Sloot needs to be considered a clear and apparent danger to society.

                                          The following is a video of what Van der Sloot's mother has to say. Perhaps his mother should talk with Menninger's of the USA to see if it is a good idea to give this young man psychiatric help or if it is better to just lock him up for life or at least to keep him under close supervision.

                                          It is difficult when this occurs in the family and its a family blood relation that is a sociopath, indeed one's own child, there are other things to consider. Such as:
                                          • Should this person be released onto society?
                                          •  Is psychiatric help really going to help or just create a bigger problem?
                                          •  Is it better just to keep this person comfortabably locked up in a secure situation where they cannot harm another person or people?
                                          In any case, I for one am delighted to not be Van der Sloot's mom. I do not condemn her however. From what I have read and been told sociopaths are very difficult to deal with.

                                           This site, Profile of the Sociopath, summarizes what a sociopath is. This particular site really scares me. 

                                          Van der Sloot's mom should take heart and courage in the knowledge that she is not alone. This can happen in any family.

                                          Visit msnbc.com for breaking newsworld news, and news about the economy



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