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Friday, August 27, 2010

RE: Some Blogs by Blue Dalek

Blue Dalek asked me to critique his work. There is more than one blog under this name. I will try to comment as much as possible about several of his blogs.

Meanwhile why don't you go to his profile? You can give an opinion yourself in the comment section here.

There are four blogs listed in his profile. They are:

Doctor Whoniverse
Ye Old Curiousity Shop
Doctor Whoniverse

These sites download fast. This is great! Too long a time to download and you lose visitors.

 They are also imaginatively designed. People like pretty sites so long as they do not take a long time to download.

There is one glaring problem. The URLs do not match the titles as a general rule. Take for instance Doctor Whoniverse. The URL is:http://bluedalekcrack.blogspot.com/. An example of a URL that can be used for this website could be Doctor Whoinverse.blogspot.com or Dr. Whoinverse.blogspot.com  Then there UNIT ONLINE is with the URl: http://fightingaliens.blogspot.com/. How about the URL: http://unitonline.blogspot.com? Get the idea?This makes it easier for the surfer to find the site if URL and title of site match somewhat.. Also makes it easier to remember this particular location. This method of URL and blog naming links both together and makes an impression on the surfers. This way there is a better chance of them coming back again and again.

It is a simple matter to change the URls of these sites. No need to delete and change the whole site. Just change the URL.

Doctor Whoniverse is unfinished. Nice start but unfinished is libel to scare off visitors. So unfinished is a big no, no. Put something up if just an introduction. This is much better than just unfinished.

Also ask for comments in the comment section. Encourage some interaction from the public. This will bring them back.

http://www.wikihow.com/Improve-Search-Engine-Ranking. The afore mentioned link may help you with Search Engine-Ranking. Never pay for this. You can do it yourself.

You might search on the Internet on how to encourage public interaction with your websites. Here is what I found:
Put in a rating system (can be found in the gadgets section for blogger)
Add some videos
Add puzzle's and games.
Encourage people to make comments in the comment section. 
The above are just suggestions on how to enrich your site.

Blue Dalek is off to a good start with his blogs. The blogs just need a little fine tuning and some polishing.

All websites and blogs should add new material from time to time, too. This keeps people coming back and adds interest. 

Remember you can also monetize your site if you so wish. Google Adsense and Amazon are available through blogger. Guess what they really work! (Just a suggestion)

Anyone else that would like me to give a critique please feel free to comment here. It can be any type of website or blog so long as it is not Adult only content or X rated. Also if feel free to make comments about any of the web sites that are mentioned in this blog. Just keep it GP please.


  1. Hi! Sorry, I was in a rush when I wrote that - I was intending to say a Doctor Whoniverse review! And apologies for Unit Online and Blue Dalek Crack too - they were old ideas, just I didn't know how to delete them. The bluedalek homepage once linked to the crack.

  2. Sorry - bluedalekcrack.blogspot.com is defunct, as is UNIT Online. I was in a rush when I wrote it, I meant to give a link to www.bluedalek.blogspot.com! Anyway, thanks for the advice!

  3. Actually, you've got a very good start.

    A web site or blog that is dynamic attracts more readers. By dynamic that means the creator is ever changing, refining and changing the blog and/or site. This keeps it from getting stale.

    If you want to delete your blog that is possible to do so in blogger. Just go to the dashboard or click on help for instructions on how to delete the blog.

  4. PS. Personally I believe it would be a shame to delete these blogs. Like I said you have a good start, they just need refining.

    I wonder how many of the public would like you to continue with these blogs.

    It would be interesting to have some comments here. These comments are edited so play nice! No need to be rude. No need to spam. Make any comment honest and constructive please.