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Friday, August 27, 2010

RE: New Video

I was looking for funny videos. I found this advertisement for Temptations. It is supposed to be a cat asking for treats by a specific name.
Evidentially Temptations is a company brand name for cat treats

I really do not know how funny it is.  However I did  find it clever. What do you think? Comments are welcome. Feel free to include your idea of funny cat videos in your comments if possible.

I do not know if the cat is trained to do this or if the filming is just opportunistic. Some people claim that a cat can be trained.

Here are some links  about training house cats:

How to Keep Cats Off of Tabletops -- powered by eHow.com

 There is even some things for sell through Amazon that claim that you can teach a cat tricks.

 I do not know abut this Cat Training in Ten Minutes. Sounds too good to be true. Yet maybe not. Who knows. If you try it out please let me know through the comment section. I am very interested to know what people think about this.

Hey you cannot beat the price on this. I wonder if it really does work. Teaching Your cat Simple tricks seems very reasonable in price.

Once again you are invited to tell us what you think of this product.

Got any suggestions or comments about this subject? Let us know. Also feel free to submit videos and pictures.

Look forward to hearing from you all.

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