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RE: WebByte Meditation Room

Hello! Welcome to the WebByte Meditation Room. Hope you enjoy. If you have a meditation video or presentation you would like to submit for publication here please indicate so on the comment section.

Psalm  This particular video is based upon Psalm 23 of the Bible. May it be of comfort to you in time of trouble and an inspiration and reminder in the good times. WebByte found this particular video on You Tube.

Re-Energise - One Minute Meditation is also taken from You tube. This is supposed to help you get energy.

1000 Subliminal Power Affirmations in 1 Minute is another quick affirmation meditation video. See if it will work for you!

"Instant Weight Loss" on You Tube is supposed to help loose weight instantly. Let WebByte know if that happens. Also let WebByte know what success happens with this little video.

This is another meditations I found from You Tube. It is called Alien Desert. There are subliminal positive suggestions here. Try it out and let WebByte know what you think.

Here is a video meditation about letting go and let God. This is found on Dailymotion. The title is Let Go Let God.
Let Go Let God, A Free Guided Meditation by nowickiproductionsAren't the pictures in this meditation just fantastic?

For some reason I just had to put the following video of Cancer Healing Affirmations. Try it out and see if it helps. This comes from Metacafe.com.

The following is another meditation from YouTube.com. It is called the Magic Fire. This might be good for a cold winter night. There are subliminal positive affirmations.

Here's a fun positive affirmation video found on YouTube. It is titled
Love Yourself Today.

Have you, the reader, got original meditation videos that you have made up yourself? Please feel free to submit them here. Just put a request for a form here in the comment section. One will be emailed to you
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