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All About WebSites on The Web
This page is reserved as a permanent part of the website. Here WebBytes makes critiques of web sites, new things on the web and what is found on the web.

Making A Flavicon/Favicon

Want to make a favicon? Do you know what a favicon sometimes called a favicon is?

Here's the site that defines what a favicon and/or is: https://www.bing.com/search?q=definition+of+favicon&src=IE-SearchBox&FORM=IESR02&pc=EUPP.

This site, http://favicon.htmlkit.com/favicon, is the easiest way to make a favicon/flavicon. All you need is a picture that you want to make into an icon(favicon) that goes on the address bar of your browser.

Remember to keep the picture simple because if too complicated it will not show up well.

Andydoodles a fascinating art blog. The illustrations on the blog are strange, intriguing and entertaining. This is a must see blog. Be sure when you do to leave a comment here telling WebByte what you think of this particular blog.

 Do have a web site that you would like critiqued? Just put in the comment section that you would like to have WebByte take a look at your web site.

12/30/2017 http://pennypinchermom.blogspot.com/ Great little Blogger.com site that has hints in how to save money, time etc.


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