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Friday, August 06, 2010

RE: Critique of Life, The Universe and Combom

Well I asked if anyone out there would like for me to critique their web site. Guess what someone took a bite out of WebByte. Someone asked me to do a critique of their blog. The name of the blog is Life, The Universe and Combom.  

First let me explain who or what is the subject of the web site critiqued here.  I am not going to spend a lot of time explaining who or what Dr. Who is. Suffice to say, Dr. Who is a series of Sci-Fi programs about a creature named or who calls himself Dr. Who. I say creature because Dr. Who is not human but humanoid. This explanation is just to let the public know what the subject of the critiqued site is. 

Want a more in depth description of the program Dr. Who? Then go to the Wikipedia page That describes the program.

The site downloads very fast. This is good because there is a good chance of maintaining interest of the public.
Studies indicate that if a web site takes more than five seconds to load down then the public is likely to surf to another site.

The photos, graphics, and video are especially crisp. That's really nice since this writer has an eye sight problem.

The site has a white background that is tastefully done with a few appropriate graphics.

There is a lot of information on  Life, The Universe and Combom. In addition, it is in blog format. So a revisit may be in order or maybe revisits in the plural sense. Guess what! there is actually a jigsaw puzzle on this site. It has some of the cast members of one rendition of Dr. Who. This adds to the entertainment factor. There is also included some interesting information about Dr. Who that may not be found anywhere else on the net. So in conclusion, this site is a must stop for all Dr. Who fans. People interested in classical TV sci-fi might drop by too. Then if the surfer just wants to be entertained definitely visit.


PS I noticed that the jigsaw puzzle changes every day on this blog. Great way to encourage revisits. 
* If anyone else would like me to critique their site please feel free to send a request through the comment section.  Please leave comments here as to what you think of the site that's mentioned in this critique.

Here is the Fourth Series of Dr. Who. Just for fun I included a keychain for the die hard Dr. Who fan. This keychain talks.  I also included a Doctor Who Lost In Time collection of Rare Epsodes.These are the only two videos that I included here.. the others are pretty expensive.  Just click on the graphic and orders can be completed. 



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