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Thursday, September 02, 2010

RE: Intelligence? Brains? A Discussion

What is intelligence? How is it measured? Is it increaseable? These are questions that preoccupy me. tht is besides the unimportant questions like where the next meal, will I continue to have a roof over my head etc. (lol, lol, lol, so forth.)

Below is a video by Dr. Gardener. It is on bigthink.com The Harvard professor explains what his idea of intelligence is.

Mensa is an organization for the top ten percent of the human race. You have to pass an IQ test. I forget as to whether the individual must rate at a score of 135 or 140 percentile.

Below are some resources on how to increase your intelligence. I have no idea how successful or useful these resources are. However this blog is open to comments from the public. In addition, feel free to comment about any additional methods to raise IQ in the different areas of intelligence.

How to Increase Your Intelligence      
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