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Monday, September 20, 2010

RE: Critique of Cherokee Origins

Cherokee Origins by Robert Vann is a site that this writer enjoyed very much. This is a great site for numerous reasons. All links work except there seems to be a problem with the RSS comments link on the right hand side. (Maybe I just operated it wrong.) It has some great stories that are of Cherokee origin. Maybe they are Eastern Cherokee?
This site downloads fast with Road Runner. Some of the tests indicates that it downloads fast with other ISP's too. That sort of puzzles me because there is a large portrait jpg (type of graphic for web pages, etc.) of himself on the front page of the site. (I assume it is the author.) Usually large jpgs are very slow in downloading to a site. That is not the case here.

Cherokee Origins also lists Mr. Vann's books in the menu . They might be interesting to look into. This is a great idea for a site to advertise what the owner wants to sell. Many sites do this. Mr. Vann's site does it very well. 

There is just one problem WebByte has with this Cherokee Origins. As far as can be seen, it is necessary to have a WordPress Account. Even then it is difficult for this blogger to see how to leave a comment. That seems to be the only problem for the viewer. So in spite of not being able leave any comments at the present, the site is well worth the visit. This is especially true for fans of American history, American Indians, the Wild West or just someone out for a good time and a quick read.

This site is a clever piece of advertisement mixed with entertainment and information. 

Here's a thought, maybe the author will let teachers use this site to teach reading, local color in literature, culture of one American Indian Nation. Mr. Vann, the author of this site, has a contact page where permission may be asked. A link to the contact page is included in the menu at the top of the page.

This site is a very clever advertisement vehicle. 

So-o-o, dear reader, what do you think? Are you going to visit?  When you do visit please put in the comment section here what you think of the site, how you enjoyed the programs.

Oh as a last word, Cherokee Origins has a link to Mr. Vann's speaking and entertainment engagements. Just click on the Events link for this information. Remember there is a Contact section if more information is desired or maybe someone would like to enquire about obtaining Mr. Vann's services.

PS. Uh Oh! Just noticed that the link to We Cherokees does not work. It goes to a page called Dawn's Web Designs. Still is a site worth visiting though.

WebByte can do critiques of any web site. Just put in a request in the comment section. Be sure and include URL, please and your email address. Your email address will not be published.

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