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Sunday, September 05, 2010

What A Waste

The following video is about an American heiress who is now 104 years old. She is out of contact with her whole family. Her name is Huguette Clarke. This unfortunate woman is at the mercy of her lawyer and accountant who for some reason have isolated her from family and from the rest of the world. Ms. Clarke is now a recluse living in a hospital.

Some of her stuff, paintings a violin, etc. have been sold. But has it been with her approval? This matter is now being looked into upon the urging of some distant relatives who tried to see her.

The sad part of the whole story is that this heiress's money is wasted. This is money that could help a lot of people. It could even in a modest way help the economy. Yet here it sets. Well not entirely, the word is that her lawyer and her accountant are helping themselves to some of it. On second thought, that is a waste.

This story proves that Bill Gates is right. Do good with your money now. Children should not inherit vast amounts of wealth. It can attract trouble and in the end does little good for few people.

The following video gives all the information available now. It is from: msnbc.com

The following are some books and literature. They are on how to become a millionaire. Just thought they were interesting. 

I think the one on How to Become A Millionaire in 365 Days by Jansen absolutely hilarious. Yeah right. I have not read this one either. I might though just to see what it says. That ought to be a best seller. Then there is How to Become A Millionaire by Mark Lee Alch. Well at least it is only fifty-seven cents. 

Then there is a CD: Sprudio Subliminal Cd Success & Prosperity - Financial Abundance - Millionaire Mind Program Become Rich with the Power of Your Mind. That ought to work. Don't you think. With all of these great things out there to help one become a prosperous kind of makes one wonder why there are more millionaires. 

A comment from anyone using successfully these following materials is appreciated. Anyone who tries the suggestions in these materials out and they do not work, hey comment. Okay?

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