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Thursday, September 09, 2010

An Interesting Blog or Two or More!

Just found this blog:http://kinesisproject.blogspot.com/. If you try to find it under its title A Choreographer's Blog it might be challenging. Let's see if I can do it. Well I entered it by title and found it. However you can just click on the links in this entry and get there.

This blog entry is about "confabulation." In other words fabricating stories and accepting them as reality.

The following are some links I found. The particular entry I am looking at is: Confabulation - Brain Dances. This is about the word  "confabulation" and what it means. Personally I think we are all a little guilty of "confabulation"  Some confabulation can be healthy, I guess. I also believe that confabulation can be very harmful. Why not read the article and tell me what you think? 

Hey for those of you keeping up on Koran burning here's an interesting site. I do not guarantee the truth or accuracy of these stories on this site. Any moslem or not is free to comment. However keep it kind, to the point, without anger, clean, no name calling, etc. You will not be posted if you cannot practice good manners. In addition this site will report you to the providers.

Following the Koran Burning story on the News? Well here is something that I ran into On this blog. The USA army burned some Bibles. How about that? Oh well. Now why is that?

The thing I do not understand is why anyone thinks that God, Allah or whatever you choose to name the Creator needs defense. Indeed I wonder if the Creator really appreciates all this rioting, bru ha ha, book burning, violence, etc. in his name.

And don't you just love it when someone says, "well so and so did it." Right that makes it all right to repeat the wrong that someone else does. In addition, point a finger at someone else really detracts from one's own faults doesn't it?

I find it a shame dear reader that not everyone can be as perfect as me and thee. Of thee, I am not too sure. You do get my point, right??????lol, lol , lol,

Somehow I wonder if maybe the Lord Above in the end will say to all of humanity, "Sorry kiddoes! You all got it wrong. You twisted my word to suit your own taste. You hurt your neighbor, that I created, because they did not believe as you did. It would be better if you had set an example as to how to live rather than try to coerce your neighbor into how they should live. By the way, just so you know, you all are wrong. You made your religion your god and forgot ME! You say I am merciful in your different religions but you use Me as an excuse to harm innocent people. You say, read in the scriptures, and head me say, " Vengeance is mine! Then you propose to play chief executioner and judge of your fellow man! That is what made the messes from the beginning of time. You thought you could do a better job than Me!"

I found the books below. They give more information on confabulation.

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