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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Below is a video that I ran into on MSN Today. Van Der Sloot the young man who allegedly killed a young woman in Peru wants to make a deal. That is understandable. His father is no longer here so now Van Der Sloot must use other means to help himself. Look at the video and see for yourself what is up with Van der  Sloot. (Article continues after video)

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Interesting enough, Van der Sloots mother now claims that he is mentally ill. What does she mean by mentally ill? Is he paranoid schizophrenic, bipolar or what. I am no psychiatrist or expert in the field of psychology but could it be that This young man is just a plain old fashion social-path or psychopath?  In any case, mother says he needs psychiatric help. Well if he is a social-path, forget the psychiatric help. It will not help according to psychiatrists. In any case, is it becoming apparent that Van der Sloot needs to be considered a clear and apparent danger to society.

The following is a video of what Van der Sloot's mother has to say. Perhaps his mother should talk with Menninger's of the USA to see if it is a good idea to give this young man psychiatric help or if it is better to just lock him up for life or at least to keep him under close supervision.

It is difficult when this occurs in the family and its a family blood relation that is a sociopath, indeed one's own child, there are other things to consider. Such as:
  • Should this person be released onto society?
  •  Is psychiatric help really going to help or just create a bigger problem?
  •  Is it better just to keep this person comfortabably locked up in a secure situation where they cannot harm another person or people?
In any case, I for one am delighted to not be Van der Sloot's mom. I do not condemn her however. From what I have read and been told sociopaths are very difficult to deal with.

 This site, Profile of the Sociopath, summarizes what a sociopath is. This particular site really scares me. 

Van der Sloot's mom should take heart and courage in the knowledge that she is not alone. This can happen in any family.

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