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Thursday, June 17, 2010

RE: BP Saga Continues

The British Petroleum debacle continues. The CEO is before the USA congressional investigation committee. He looks very contrite.

Apparently BP officials somewhere in the company thought it was worth the risk to save a few million dollars or so. I bet those parts they skimped on look pretty good right now.

According to the history of British Petroleum on FundingUniverse.com British Petroleum endeavors to have open communication between the different levels within the company. Apparently someone is not aware of part of the cooperate mission because on Fox news today the CEO repeatedly said he did know the answers to some pretty rudimentary questions.


I wonder how all of this is going to impact the world. There is more involved here than Britain and USA interests.

Why doesn't BP swallow its pride and ask the other oil companies and USA government to help it. There seems to be quite a bit of problem with BP trying to make a go on its own.

Personally I sympathize with BP investors and employees but the people along the coast and the rest of the world is suffering and going to suffer more.

BP officials took a gamble, a gamble with chips and money that was not theirs to use or gamble. They gambled the environment, the welfare and health of people not just along the coastline but the entire world, the animals and their investors money. Now the piper will be paid regardless of whether BP bites the bullet or not.
Unfortunately it the price will cost everyone.

There's a book about the history British Petroleum below. Next to it is another one that is titled Don't Go Near The Water. Both should make for interesting reading.

I also noticed that Amazon has a sweat shirt or long sleeve shirt that says save the Gulf Coast. There is also a short sleeve shirt available. It is worded rather strongly too. The shirts are none to flattering for British Petroleum.

The pictures of the items are below. Click on them and you can buy them from Amazon.



Personally I reserve judgement on BP. Why because it is easy for me to see how hypnotic profit can be. After all, who would have thought this would happen? Certainly not the British or the Europeans. Certainly not the Americans that are supposed to do the inspections.

Here is what British Petroleum disaster spokesman says that BP is going to do: http://bp.concerts.com/gom/MakingitRight.htm

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