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Sunday, March 14, 2010

RE: Another Sunday And Day Light Savings Time.

Did everyone in USA remember to reset their clock. I didn't. That made me an hour late for everything. Oh well. I never did see the reasoning behind this. It is such a bother. Why not just start the day sooner and then later. This resetting of the clock for daylight savings time makes no sense to me.

My leg is slowly healing. My appreciation for any positive prayers.

I have been wondering if there is a limit to how many free blogs we can put on blogger. Does anyone out there know? I guess I should look it up.

My experiment with Google Adsense is working out pretty good. Take a look at the ads. I am thinking of adding a meditation link to one of my sites. It will come with words, music etc.

Hey if you would like to publish music and other appropriate web site material go to http://webspeak.bravehost.com. Make it for GP audience please as this is a family site. WebSpeak Ezine is a good place to try out your product and also to have a leader into your own site.
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