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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

RE: What I Am Doing Now on March 02, 2010

Most of my day is just one big goof off time. My primary occupation today is getting trash ready for pick up tomorrow and reading the news in Yahoo.com.

In the article titled:Haiti judge not ready to release 2 US missionaries, the information is that there are two American citizens who say they are missionaries. They are in Haiti because they made an unauthorized attempt to take some children out of the country after its recent earthquake. Taking children like this sounds kind. but it is really very foolish because this is something that could give pedophiles ideas.

Then my reading continues with  AP IMPACT: Drug gangs taking over US public landsApparently the drug cartels of Mexico and South America think they have a right to take any land or whatever they want.  This is going to get very nasty before it gets any better.

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