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Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Note to Former President Bill Clinton or Whomever It Concerns or Is Interested.

Yes I can refuse to talk to anyone I so please.

Reasons being!

  1. I am old_as in senior citizen (Older than quite a few of you world leaders)
  2. I can claim senility or insanity(Thanks to a certain McGinnis!).
  3. I try not to be part of the problem but part of the solution.
  4. It is a point of kindness for me to keep my big mouth shut right now because the words that would come out of it is not fit for human consumption.

No I do not hate you. I just am puzzled. It has been said you are an intelligent man. Well did you ever think to ask why you have been allowed to do some of the things you think you have got away with? (i.e think American Indians. Ask them why they let you get away with what you did. Better yet if you want a straight answer, ask G_D!)

Reasons why I like you.

1. Well you make me look good! Think about it.

2. Without people like you people like me would not be needed.

3. I used to feel bad because I am not smart. Least ways not as smart as you. You gave me a reason to feel good about not being smart.

4. Because of you, I learned to like myself. (I am not perfect, not smart, and I do not do things to purposely hurt people just because I can. This has nothing to do with any greatness on my part. It is just the way I was made by the author of the Bible & creator of the Universe, your sponsor and mine-G-d.

By the way, I heard you are supposed to read the Bible, not just carry it around. Do you think there is any truth to that? The beginning is a good place to start.)

What do I intend to do? Wish you well. Hope the best for you.

You see being the dummy, savage that I am I actually believe that the best way to get even is to:

1. Live life well.

2. Be kind to your enemies.

3. Pray for your enemies welfare and happiness. (Have you ever noticed happy people keep from causing major problems, running around hurting other people, etc.?

4. Do your best to be an asset. (I fall down here frequently. Be patient, please, G-d is not through with me!)

Stay tuned. More to come.

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