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Friday, November 14, 2008

RE: Great Site! A Must Read!

I have run into the neatest site. It is by this psychiatrist who has some form of dementia. He started writing it as therapy for himself. This is its address: http://knittingdoc.wordpress.com/about-dr-thomas/. Yes, I know the knittingdoc.wordpress.com seems strange for the beginning of this address but trust me this is a must read. Plus he has some links to sites that re-train your brain. I do not know if these exercises make a person smarter but it is worth a try.

God bless this man for being brave enough to write about his experiences. He has something like Lewy Body Dementia or Lewy Body Disease.

It makes me feel ashame of myself. Here I am feeling sorry for myself and I do not have to go through anything like this. It is my good fortune to not be in this position yet.
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