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Friday, December 05, 2008

RE: A Byte in Blogger, A Bit Overwhelmed

Blogger developed a lot of new gadgets. Take a look at what has been added to this blog.  It is really awesome what blogger does.

Hey tell me what you all think about the jigsaw puzzles I have been adding to this site. I can add more you know.

Feeling blue about how the world situation is developing? Feeling helpless? Feeling like you would like to do something about it but do not know what? Well guess what you can. You can treasure map. Read on for more information.

I have added a new blog on blogger. It is called World Future Treasure Map.                   (http://worldfuturetreasuremap.blogspot.com/). Drop by and tell me what you think. You can add to it to. Let's treasure map for a better future. Keep it all in positive statements though. In addition, this must be stuff that brings or will bring only positive results. Nothing to hurt anyone. Understand? Graphics are acceptable.  If you cannot submit graphics but want them added then email me at shood at yahoo.com. No spam please or I will report you to Yahoo for harassment and have you permanently blocked. Otherwise all are welcome. Just remember keep it clean, positive and uplifting. Personal goals are acceptable. 

Hey just remember everything begins in thought. Thought is energy. Energy has a lot of power. Thought is the origin of all inventions and events.

So think about the positive things you want to happen in the world and go to the World Future Treasure Map. 

Add your comment and I will integrate it into the treasure  map. What do you have to lose?

Are you wondering about what I mean when I say treasure map? I am not thinking about something that pirates wrote or made but it is a method of achieving goals. Here are some links that will help you better understand what I am talking about:

Is about business mainly but also applies to daily life.
This is from an individual point of view.

This is not exactly a treasure map thing here but it does show you how to word what you write:

This particular link shows one type of treasure mapping for the future. It is at the bottom of the page where you will find the examples of bullentin board treasure maps.

Oh this is really KooL! A scientist has use treasure mapping. By all means go here! Evidently he is quite successful.

Hey a fellow Googler here! How about that?

While researching possible links to help you I found this. This might make a good project for the future. Start making your list of positive things about your community and I will start up a blog where you can tell all the positive things about your community.

Oh by the way before I forget. A very Merry Christmas to everyone whether you're Christian or not. Oh by the way, it is just like the illustration says below:

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