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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Critique of Music Specialist Speaks And More.....

 Topic 1
Music Specialist Speaks 
Music Specialist Speaks came up when I clicked on the next button on WebByte on of my blogs on Blogger There is not much information on this blog but if you click on the ping links you can get more about how to make money in the music industry. Music Specialist Speaks apparently is a lead on to the ping links. Follow the ping links and more information is forth coming.

The blog in itself is not bad for a beginning. It could use a little more organization and polishing. The title banner is attractive and eye catching. It just takes awhile to catch onto the organization of the site.  Could this lose potential customers? Not everyone is completely literate in computer and Internet use. This is something important to thank about.

In conclusion, I know nothing about the music industry or this man Allan Johnston. A musician or singer may know him by reputation. In any case, he is interesting and the blog may be worth exploring for those in the music industry.

Topic 2
Research on Successful Blogging 

 Mrs. Belmont's Blog gives practical information in an almost conversational style. It also gives tidbits you do not ordinarily find. Just some common sense suggestions here. Very good reading that is worthwhile way to spend your time.

http://robcubbon.com/how-to-write-for-the-web really gives good advice and goes into detail. You can get a free e-book here on how to market yourself on the web too. This blog is simple and yet tastefully done. An enjoyable and informative read all-in-all. Try it out if you are writing for the web.

How to Write  the Best Blog by Mr. Botto gives just a few simple words of advice. They may prove helpful.

This particular entry appears in E-How which is actually a website contain many entries about different topics. Anyone can register to submit articles about different topics.

Http://www.netprofitmagic.com/blog/how-to-write-winning-blog-post-titles/  links to an interesting blog entry.  It contains more information than just how to write winning blog post titles. Although post titles really are important.

Topic 3 In Conclusion Just a Few Words

From time to time this blog contains  useful information of what can be found and what is going on around the Internet and web.   

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Another service WebByte would like to do for the public is give some free publicity for the worthy.

Who's worthy? Just about anybody who submits material that WebByte approves of (Must be GP acceptable for all age groups to view, nothing R rated, please) 

Submissions may be pictures, music, stories, articles, etc.  requests for entries in this site on a particular subject. Just request in the comment section that we contact you for form to submit your particular object or article.

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