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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Xtranormal An experiment

Hey this is worth at least five woofs and maybe more from WebByte.

WebByte just got through visiting Xtranormal.com. This is a website that makes it possible for even the dullest wanta be animator capable of making animated.

Movies can be made on Xtranormal for free. However there is a limit as to how much time allowed. Everything is done on line. No need to draw or what ever. In addition, voices can be recorded too instead of using the canned voices and sounds. There are however canned* sounds and voices. There is even online storage for the videos made. A simple click reveals links and code to embed the video into a blog like this or a web site. Pay or free movies are easily made with Xtranormal.

For more time, paid version are available.

All in all, this is a most enjoyable experience for WebByte. Animation with this online application is fun!

Below is an example of one movie that WebByte made. Just click on the arrow to start like you do with any video.  Let me know what you think. It is made with all the available canned stuff included with the online software.

Sun Spots Colorz Movie
by: shood

PS. WebByte is thinking of adding barks to denote approval rating of what is found on the web. Five barks is the highest approval.
*canned prerecorded all ready to use.
For still shots take a look at the cameras below

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