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Monday, July 14, 2014

RE: Blog Critique

WebByte is back to critique some blogs and web sites etc. If you want yours critiqued let us know. We will also open up the critique to the general public so that they can participate.

To the general public, nothing nasty please be polite but honest

Here's an example of a critique. The blog is from Blogger.co m.
The URL is http://girlg33k.blogspot.com/

Critique of http://girlg33k.blogspot.com/

The blog uploads quickly. The illustration on the front page is a beautiful picture against a black background. The writer is to the point and waste no words on unnecessary communication. Would it be a nice addition to put in some information about what Manga is for us that are ignorant of this art form whatever? This could be accomplished by adding a page with explanation of Manga.  Plus there are a lot of comments that seem to be ads in and of themselves rather than constructive comments. Should these comments be edited are do they actually add something? For the most part, this is a beautiful blog that is quick and to the point.
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